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Situational Depression

Of all types of depression, seasonal depression is the most common. It affects millions around the world on a daily basis and while some people are emotionally strong to overcome it, others succumb and have their lives change all together. Seasonal depression is a type of depression that only occurs for a short duration, which can be days or weeks depending on the cause. Although mostly ignored, seasonal depression can worsen and develop into a more serious type of depression such as major depression.

Seasonal depression can affect anyone regardless of age. It is particularly very dangerous in children with those affected having their lives totally disrupted. The condition presents varied symptoms that include hopelessness, sadness, frequent crying, anxiety and constant worries. Children who experience these symptoms and who do not receive the necessary attention are usually affected in such a way that their lives become disoriented. Their performance in school drops drastically. In serious cases, such children proceed to develop more serous types of depression with the risk of other mental disorders setting in.

Situational depression is caused by factors that touch on ones feelings. It can be caused by end of a relationship or marriage, loss of income, serious illness, death of a loved one and being a victim of violent crime. Use of drugs has also been linked to the occurrence of the condition.

While most adults who experience any of the above causes of situation depression eventually recover and lead a normal life, others are usually not lucky. Such are people who do not receive any emotional support after their experiences. A number of people affected also do consult their physicians with other complaints that are usually the result of situational depression. Such case leads to misdiagnosis of the condition, with serious implications. Misdiagnosed situational depression can lead to development of major depression, which is very difficult to treat and manage.

The use of medications is not appropriate in treating situational depression. Medications may only be useful in managing resultant anxiety and sleeping problems. Psychotherapy is the best form of treatment. This includes the use of support groups and counselors. Interpersonal psychotherapy is one of the most treatment methods available where one is given the opportunity by one he/she can confide in to discuss personal feelings freely. For the elderly, home visits by professionals and loved ones can help them recover not only effectively buy much faster as well.