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Major Depressive Episode

Mental depression (MMD), at times referred to as clinical or unipolar depression is a mental disorder is a disabling condition that negatively affects your whole life. Its effects extend to your family, your work and social life as you become disoriented and lose interest in everything. You actually become uninterested in activities you normally enjoy partaking in. What makes the condition serious is that it also affects your eating and sleeping habits, seriously affecting your general health.

Mental depression presents varied symptoms with the most common one being that of having very low mood. You develop a feeling of being worthless and hopeless. You literally end up hating yourself and at times become experience disturbing hallucinations. Your condition eventually deteriorates as you begin to experience memory loss, low libido and insomnia. You are bound to experience varied physical symptoms that include regular headaches, general body fatigue and digestive problems. Thoughts of suicide and death eventually crop in, and many depressed people do find life unbearable, ending up committing suicide. Depression in children differs from that adults face. Unlike adults who experience low moods, depressed children become highly irritable and lose interest in play and school. They resort to keeping to themselves with a sense of insecurity.

You can suffer major depression as a result of several factors that can be summarized as being biological, psychological and social factors. Biologically, you can inherit major depression just in case one or both your parents have the condition. You can also suffer major depression as a result of using certain medications over a long time. Antidepressant medications that most people use as sleeping pills can easily cause major depression when used over a long time. High stress level has been established to be a major cause of major depression. This can be the result of your own personality, especially when you have low self esteem coupled with distorted thinking. Social factors that can cause you major depression include loss of income, poverty, rejection and death of a close friend or loved one. Misuse of drugs and alcohol are also major causes of the condition.

There are various major depression treatments available. Mental health professionals such as psychologists, counselors, clinical social workers and psychiatrists do offer psychotherapy and medication treatment to individual patients, group of patients and their families. Different types of antidepressant medications are available. The most effective way to dealing with major depression lies in prevention. Seeking behavioral intervention for the purpose of obtaining interpersonal therapy can go a long way in eliminating major depression.