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  • Situational Depression

    Of all types of depression, seasonal depression is the most common. It affects millions around the world on a daily basis and while some people are emotionally strong to overcome it, others succumb and have their lives change all together. Seasonal depression is a type of depression that only occurs […]

  • Seasonal Depression

      There are two different types of seasonal depression (SAD) that you may suffer from. These include winter depression (winter blues) and summer depression (summer blues). You may be in very good health for most parts of the year then suddenly start experiencing depressive symptoms with onset of either summer […]

  • Psychotic Depression Test

    Psychotic  Depression Although rare, Psychotic depression (PMD) affects a sizable number of people across the globe. It usually occurs in episodes, meaning that it only lasts for a period of time. It an however become chronic in which case one can experience episodes often. PMD is actually a sub-type of […]

  • Postpartum Depression Quiz

    Commonly known as postnatal depression, postpartum depression (PPD) mostly affects women. Although men are also at risk, very few are affected. This type of depression usually affects most women soon after giving birth. Men usually affected are first time fathers who experience the “shock’ of being fathers. Postpartum depression symptoms […]

  • Melancholic Depression

    Melancholic depression is one of the most serious sub-types of major depression. Most people who get hospitalized because of depression actually suffer from melancholic depression. It is biological with such melancholic features as not finding pleasure in any thing that is positive and lack of changes in mood even with […]

  • Major Depressive Episode

    Mental depression (MMD), at times referred to as clinical or unipolar depression is a mental disorder is a disabling condition that negatively affects your whole life. Its effects extend to your family, your work and social life as you become disoriented and lose interest in everything. You actually become uninterested […]

  • Bipolar Test

    Commonly referred to as manic depression, bipolar depression is a mood disorder characterized by elevated depressive episodes (mania). Having bipolar disorder means experiencing normal moods with sudden bouts of manic behavior that can lead to both delusions and hallucinations. This type of depression is categorized in three main classes including […]

  • Anxiety Depression

    Anxiety depression is a collection of varied mental illnesses that associated with both abnormal fear and anxiety. These illnesses include panic, phobic and anxiety disorders. All these illnesses present different symptoms and are treated in different ways. Anxiety disorder is characterized by endless anxiety and usually chronic. Patients exhibit persistent […]